Hey KC! 

Let's show love to our restaurants.

Order. Post. Enjoy.

Our favorite restaurants are suffering as a result of the COVID-19. Sales are down and jobs are at risk.


Join the “Order KC” movement today! Order to-go, delivery or buy a gift card (or more), and challenge your friends to do the same!


Let’s help our community now so we can still enjoy later!



from your favorite restaurant


a selfie at the restaurant, pic of your food or of your receipt using #orderkc


your meal and enter to win a $100 gift card. Thanks for helping!



Check out the list of restaurants offering curbside takeout and/or delivery through the next several weeks.

This list was brought to you by the Open Belly Podcast



The #orderKC Virtual Tip Jar is a way to continue to support our friends and family in the Kansas City service community during this tough time. The virtual tip jar is a list of KC service industry workers from local KC restaurants, bars & clubs and their information.

Let's come together and send our much loved local servers and bartenders the tips we'd ordinarily leave for them on a night out! You can send tips directly via their Venmo/CashApp/PayPal accounts from the list below.

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encourage your friends to participate.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information and Resources

Access to resources and information that can help you during the coronavirus (COVID-19) health crisis can be found in the links below.


More info contact orderkclocal@gmail.com

Gift cards are offered and sold by Participating Restaurants, not by Fresco Marketing. ("Fresco, "we" or "us"). A "Participating Restaurant" is a restaurant that (a) offers gift cards to #orderkc participants via order kc contest, or (b) a restaurant that is selling a gift card to order kc to be use for contests. Use of the trademarks and brand names of the Participating Restaurants do not represent endorsement by or association with Fresco. All trademarks or brand name usage of the Participating Restaurants belong to those Participating Restaurants, respectively. We have no obligation to prevent and bear no liability for any service failure, fraud, or loss associated with the purchase of a gift card from a Participating Restaurant, and we specifically disclaim all liability of any kind arising out of or relating to your purchase or use of the gift cards as set forth herein. We do not bear responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged gift cards. Furthermore, we make no representations or warranties, express or implied, relating to the gift cards or any other products of a Participating Restaurant. We strongly encourage you to review all Restaurant’s gift card terms and conditions carefully before purchasing, as made available by the respective Restaurant. For any questions or concerns, contact the restaurant directly or reach out to the card issuer for the debit or credit card you used to make your purchase.